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Fun Partner Dancing

 Your first dance together is a special moment during your wedding day and we can help you make it truly something special with a personalised wedding dance.

We can offer several styles from Ceroc Modern Jive to Zouk and Ballroom, the choice is yours.

For Ceroc Modern Jive while it is a relatively easy style to pickup we recommend doing a few Ceroc beginner classes to get you going.  From there we can partner you up with a teacher or set of teachers dependent upon your needs.  Most couple’s do 4 one on one lessons about 6 weeks out from the wedding, we can also work with you to fast track if necessary.  The cost including filming is generally around $240-300 and will be agreed between yourselves and the teacher/teachers, dependant on the level of choreography or sessions required.  In most cases, we can work with the song of your choice and inject your own style into the dance.  Be it slow and romantic, the likes of Ed Sheeran which is popular at the moment or fun and flashy or anything in between.

Email the Ceroc Team

Looking for a Latin theme, the Zouk Art team can help you out.  While the team specialise in Zouk and Samba De Gafieira they are experienced across the Latin dance styles.  Message the team and they will work with you to refine what is best for you.

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For Ballroom style wedding dances we recommend the well known and experienced Brian Jones of Dance Mechanics, from Dancing With The Stars. Regular dance classes, private tuition through to wedding dances are available or can be arranged.   Brian will help.

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Email or contact Brian Jones